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Enhancing the User Experience for Samsung.

Integrating telecom operators into Samsungs nordic sites. 

When you want to purchase a phone from, what are your options? What if you wanted to purchase a phone and a monthly sim plan? Samsung in the Nordics decided to offer the abiliity to buy a sim plan from diffrent plan providers on their website across the nordics (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) so that they can take ownership of the hole experience when buying a new Samsung phone.

I collaborated with a small design team consisting of UX designers, researches, copywriters and a Creative director. My main focus and responsebility was the UI, however I had some involvment in the UX design as well.

Having signed a non-disclosure agreement with Samsung , I have omitted any confidential information from this case study.  All information and views are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Samsung.

User-centered design.

By combining the perfect contrast of colours we allow the user to intuitivly navigate the page. This was crusial.

Chosing images that were boly different yet strikingly minial allowed to me create something that is both visually beautiful yet more improtantly, easy to understand.

New challanges means new solutions 

This was the fitst time the Nordic sites had tried to sell sim plans on the site. As a result the solution had to be create new components and be innovative yet come with a familiarity that maintians coinsistency with the exisiting design standard on the samsung site.

A focus we maintained throughout the design process was how the the user would navitgate the page. This included simple yet important questions like if the buttons should be inactive until a selection was made, or if the system should arealdy have a selction picked.

Motion Graphics in my back pocket.

Having discovered motion graphics a few years ago, i’ve always stretched my application of it during various project. For Samsung, I was able to create and adjust animations to create the most seamless experience across the site. 

The mobile experience.

On the mibite site, we seamlessly replicated the desktop experince by maintaining the finely tuned minimal look along with consistent images and videos. To best utilise a vertical screen, I tailored some graphics to enhance the functionality and  aesthetic.

Consistency is key 

Some of the more technical challenges we faced included the variety of screen sizes and pixel densities. working hand in hand with the technical team we developed a solution to ensured consistency across the site.

Subtle yet important UX improvments.

A key factor to consider when desiginig a product is scalability. At the time of developing this function, Samsung had 4-5 providers that were going to be onboarded for the launch, however more were scheduled to be added later. 

One of the inital wire frames I recieved had a menu with the 5 providers stacked next and on top of each other (left). After presenting an idea of having them next to each other with a horizontal scroll (right), the design was changed as my suggestion was far more scalable and looks more clean cut.

Making the filtering scalable by adding a vertical scrooll on mobile.

Making the filtering scalable by adding a vertical scrooll on mobile.

Future proofing UX…

Another UX  improvment I suggested revolved around the way the model options were initally displayed. Having 3 buttons stacked just isn’t very dynamic nor scalable. This is a problem especially since some of the Samsung series have more than just 3 models.

Adding a second navigation to make the soultion scalable.

…with simple solutions.

After playing with a few design itterations, I presented this soultion to the team. Having added a second navigation bar across the top, we could have one button only and no matter how many phones are introduced to the seres it wouldn’t limit the scalability of the design.