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My friends say I’m picky. I just call it taste.

When I do something I like to do it properly. I believe when we hold ourselves to a high standard and are always curious to learn more, we enrich the journey for all those involved. Whether I’m designing a product for a client or learning to surf in Costa Rica; I give 100%. My motto is ‘Live Fully Now’. So I moved from snowy Sweden to sunny California.

The passion is what keeps me going.

A job, for me, is not a place where I exchange an agreed amount of hours for an agreed amount of money. It is a platform where I can display a work of art and an opportunity to inspire and move people.Besides that, my passion for great design and my ability to invent something new or different, allows me to always exceed expectations.

The passion for greatness is not limited to my professional life only. It is a characteristic that defines all aspects of my life. I believe as a wise man once said: “Who you are tomorrow, begins with what you do today”. Therefore I make sure that each step and action I engage in life is a part of my goal towards greatness.

Oh yeah, I also dable in YouTube.

Sharing my creative process on Youtube is my way of giving back to the community that taught me so much. 

Get in touch!

Born in Sweden. Based in San Francisco. Connected globally. If you have a project, want to talk design or simply connect, you can reach me below: