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Amir Otaifa

Product Design.

The process of designing a product is the intersection between user experience and art.

Redesigning the Samsung website.

Collaborated with the product design team at Samsung (Nordics) to deliver new and improved landing pages across the site.

Clio, the future of car rentals.

How can an app make renting a car a swift and effortless experience? With Clio, you can find out for yourself.

Surplus Food, a thing of the past.

This real world problem, needed a real world solution. Fresh, the mobile app I conceptualised,  connects food suppliers and consumers using a smooth and effective interface to tackle the challange of surplus food going to waste.

Giving DigitalRoute a brand refresh.

You may have never heard of Digital Route but every time you make a phone call or watch a streaming service, there is a good chance their global Usage Data Platform is involved.

My task was to give this golbal brand a whole new look and update the website to bring to light the products and services they provide. 

One more thing.

Over the past few months, Apple in Cupertino asked if I could join their project teams as a Senior Visual Product Designer. I couldn’t say no.

Motion Graphics.

What started of as a hobby, turned into an obsession… Quickly!

Showcasing a Swedish icon, Ballerina.

Crafted a short movie to demonstate Swedens most beloved biscuit. Bringing to life the creamy nougat, this video was designed to leave you wanting more.

How Face ID could save the world.

Ever wondered how Face ID could save us from the next pandemic? Well, I have. This 2 miniute movie shares that story.

Making software hard to forget.

Cache. HTTP. Storage. How do you bring these things to life in a video, to demonstrate the power of innovative software product?  This is how I did it.

Salt & Licorice. Turning taste into tempo.

Salt & Licorice may not sound like the tastiest combo (unless you’re from Scandinavia) But after watching this clip, I bet you’ll be tempted to give it a try.

Get in touch!

Born in Sweden. Based in San Francisco. Connected globally. If you have a project, want to talk design or simply connect, you can reach me below: